Carina Biotech has entered a collaboration agreement with Melbourne biotech AdAlta to develop precision engineered, i-body enabled CAR-T therapies that provide new hope for patients with cancer.

To learn more, watch this webinar, recorded on 25 August.

This is a collaboration at the cutting-edge of cancer medicine, bringing together Carina’s world-leading proprietary CAR-T technologies with AdAlta’s unique i-body platform. The agreement will develop i-body enabled CAR-T cancer immunotherapies against up to five solid tumour antigen targets.

The small size and unique targeting of i-bodies provides for greater flexibility and design options for CAR-T cells, which are ideally suited for the production of bi-specific CAR-T cells.

Bi-specific CAR-T cells have the potential to deliver precision to difficult-to-treat cancers by:

  • targeting 2 antigens on cancer cells
  • reducing the opportunity for tumour cells to be missed
  • reducing the chances of damaging healthy tissue

Carina’s CEO, Dr Deborah Rathjen, said: “This collaboration with AdAlta gives us the capability to generate bi-specific CAR molecules and then next-generation CAR-T cell products with enhanced cancer targeting and efficacy – something we are very excited about. The collaboration is off to a great start with Carina already having successfully inserted an AdAlta i-body into a CAR-T cell with functional cancer killing capability.”

Carina and AdAlta will jointly fund pre-clinical proof-of-concept studies in mouse tumour models and will jointly own products emerging from the collaboration.

About our new partner, AdAlta
AdAlta is a Melbourne-based clinical stage drug development company. Using its proprietary i-body technology platform, AdAlta aims to solve challenging drug-targeting problems and generate a promising new class of single-domain antibody protein therapeutics with the potential to treat some of today’s most challenging medical problems.

For more details, click here for AdAlta’s ASX announcement.