ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA, September 13, 2023

Carina Biotech (Carina) invited to present at 7th annual Cell and Gene Therapy World Asia 2023 Conference

Carina Biotech, a cell therapy immuno-oncology company, will be presenting at the 7th Annual Cell and Gene Therapy World Asia 2023 Conference in Singapore on 14-15 September.

The conference attracts more than 300 cell and gene therapy professionals from over 150 companies. The conference is an opportunity for Asia-Pacific companies to connect with leading global cell and gene therapy companies and big pharma in networking and speaking sessions.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Deborah Rathjen will be presenting Carina’s success in taking its lead CAR-T asset CNA3103 from preclinical development through to clinical trials. Dr Rathjen will also be participating in a leadership panel discussion to share her extensive experience in biotech and pharmaceutical industries locally and internationally.

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About Carina Biotech

Immuno-oncology company Carina Biotech is developing CAR-T and other adoptive cell therapies for the treatment of solid cancers. In addition to its LGR5-targeted CAR-T cell therapy CNA3103 for advanced colorectal cancer, Carina has a deep pipeline of CAR-T programs.

Using its proprietary chemokine receptor platform, Carina aims to improve traffic to and infiltration of solid cancers by CAR-containing cells, resulting in more potent and specific cancer killing and reduced off-target effects.

Carina also has a fully integrated, proprietary manufacturing process that has both reduced manufacturing time and improved CAR-T cell attributes, capable of delivering robust “serial-killing” CAR-T cells to patients.


About CNA3103

Carina’s proprietary CNA3103 CAR-T cell targets LGR5, a cancer stem cell marker that is highly expressed on advanced colorectal cancer and some other cancers. In colorectal cancer patients, LGR5 expression has been correlated with poor prognosis. Cancer stem cells are a small sub-population of cells within a tumour with the ability to self-renew, differentiate into the many cell types of a tumour, initiate new tumours, and resist chemotherapy and radiotherapy leading to relapses. By targeting cancer stem cells, it is hoped that this therapy will reduce the tumour’s ability to generate new cancer cells, resulting in durable tumour suppression and preventing the relapses that are very common in patients with colorectal cancer. Carina’s pre-clinical studies of CNA3103 have shown promising results with complete tumour regression and no tumour recurrence following a single administration. CNA3103 has also demonstrated enhanced tumour access and prolonged survival, enabling rejection of new tumours.



For more information please contact:

Deborah Rathjen, PhD
CEO & Managing Director
Carina Biotech
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