Steve Burnell

Dr. Steve Burnell is the Executive Chair of Tenmile, a Tattarang company. He has over 20 years of experience in diagnostics, digital health, biotech and pharma. While based in the USA and Europe, he managed global operating businesses, led M&A, and most recently established a new informatics and real-world data business in oncology for the world’s largest biotech – Roche/Genentech.

At the Minderoo Foundation, Steve is the Director of the COVID-19 and OceanOmics programs. Steve is passionate about the intersections of technology, data and computational biology with healthcare and marine conservation. Steve’s 30+ years professional experience spans research, strategy, M&A, start-ups and operating global business in fields as diverse as marine ecology, strategy consulting, digital health and precision medicine. He holds a B.Sc. with honours in Biology and a Ph.D. in Population Biology from the University of Sydney, Australia.